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We’re always moving forward at WTS Prop. We respond to changes in the markets with lightning speed –innovating our technology constantly. Below, read some coverage of WTS Prop making waves.

WTS Proprietary Trading Group, LLC Simplifies, Perfects Proprietary Trading With World-X Tactical Trading Tool

Company positioned to innovate training, education and technology in proprietary space

NEW YORK, NEW YORK September 12, 2012. Domestic broker/dealer WTS Proprietary Trading Group, LLC (WTS PTG), an operating unit of World Trade Financial Group, today launched a new website illustrating its focus on providing support for both new and experienced traders in proprietary markets.

The company announced the debut of the World-X Tactical Trading Tool, optimized to intuitively aid traders in selecting a wide variety of efficient, low-cost routes while trading. The World-X Tactical Trading Tool is customizable for a variety of styles (Dark, Lit, Passive, and Aggressive strategies,) enabling traders to look to maximize their earnings potential.

The World-X Tactical Trading Tool will couple with WTS’ Fusion Direct Market Access system, already used by thousands of traders, allowing the World Trade Financial Group of companies to capture up to 3% of the U.S. equity markets each month. Fusion DMA melds ultra-low latency order routing capability with integrated access to all significant U.S. liquidity pools and utilizes data obtained directly from the trading venues themselves, assuring low latency, and providing traders with fast, accurate information.

“The trading tool, combined with Fusion, gives our traders the sort of bleeding edge advantage that they have come to expect from the company,” said Brian Schaeffer, WTS Prop’s CEO. “Between our focus on new technology and our emphasis on educating teams of up-and-coming and pro traders, we’re setting up for fast and sustained growth.”

WTS Prop is excited to partner with entrepreneurial individuals new to the proprietary trading space. The company has designed a solid two-week training program designed to help prepare newcomers for the Proprietary Traders Qualification Exam (the Series 56), taught by battle-tested Pros familiar with the test’s ins-and-outs.

Experienced traders have also joined the company, including former Goldman Sachs’s head of equity trading in Moscow, Peter Kizenko. “It’s faster, it’s cheaper, it’s where the business is,” Kizenko said of the company. “If you have love and passion for the industry, the opportunities are there, and you will be compensated for your success.” WTS Prop is dedicated to providing traders with ongoing education and support to prevent stagnation and to encourage innovation. Some in-house traders have even gone on to head WTS Prop’s more than eight branch offices.

WTS Proprietary Trading Group, LLC (Member: CBOE Stock Exchange & SIPC) WTS Prop is a domestic broker/dealer and proprietary trading subsidiary of World Trade Financial Group, built to train and empower some of the best entrepreneurial traders in the business. One of the largest proprietary trading broker dealer members on the CBOE Stock Exchange, WTS Prop provides its traders with access to the firm’s capital, as well as training and educational programs. We have combined advanced trading technology with decades of expertise to create an exciting, multi-strategy approach to trading.